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These colourful pocket-sized guides are ideal for anyone without prior knowledge of evidence-based medicine. They:

  • Equip you with the skills to understand evidence-based medicine
  • Show you how to start evidence-based research yourself
  • Ideal for self-tuition with their full colour, symbol guided format

For anyone already working in EBM, they provide quick reminders of the basic skills. The subjects covered in the individual books reflect the latest developments in EBM methodology.

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Series Editors

  • Douglas Badenoch
    Douglas Badenoch
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    Douglas Badenoch

    Douglas Badenoch is a founding director of Minervation, an Oxford-based consultancy specializing in evidence-based knowledge management. He works with a range of clients on delivering evidence-based content and public involvement in a range of media.

    Prior to setting up Minervation in 2002, Douglas was Programme Manager at the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine. Before that, he was a lecturer in Information Science at Strathclyde University.

    His driving interest is in creating information about health care that is accessible, usable and reliable. He has a particular interest in methods of measuring the quality and effectiveness of information.

  • Carl Heneghan
    Carl Heneghan
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    Carl Heneghan

    Dr Carl Heneghan is Deputy Director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine. He is a General Practitioner and Senior Clinical Research Fellow in the Department of Primary Health Care at the University of Oxford.

    Carl has had an association with the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine since 1995. He currently holds a National Institute of Health Research Award and is a General Practitioner and a senior clinical research fellow in the Department of Primary Care in Oxford.

    He has considerable experience in teaching for undergraduates, postgraduates and teachers of EBM practice. He has co-authored the EBM toolkit (BMJ), and is involved in work that promotes the understanding and teaching of critical appraisal.

    His research interests include chronic disease management and self-monitoring in chronic diseases. He is a principal investigator in the National Institute of Heath Research unit for monitoring in chronic disease and works with the Oxford Vascular Study (OXVASC) on the incidence, prevention and treatment of acute coronary events form a population perspective.

    In addition, Carl runs a number of projects within the Centre looking at the utilization of evidence into practice and has an active interest in diagnostic methods and teaching.

  • Rafael Perera
    Rafael Perera
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    Rafael Perera

    Dr Rafael Perera is the University Lecturer in Medical Statistics and Co-Director of the Monitoring and Diagnosis Group (MaDOx) in the department of Primary Care at the University of Oxford as well as Director of Research Methodologies at the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine (CEBM).

    He forms part of the Cochrane Tobacco Addiction group preparing and updating systematic reviews of interventions in the field of tobacco control; the Oxford Childhood Infection Study Group (OXCIS).

    As part of his work with these groups he has been involved in the design, analysis and publication of a number of randomized controlled trials and cohort studies; as well as several systematic reviews and research methods papers.

    Rafael is involved in the teaching of Statistics to undergraduate and graduate students in Oxford; as well as tutoring for the CEBM, and helping the Cochrane UK Centre developing expertise in meta-analysis methods.

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